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Stanley The Walrus sighting in Mexico.

Norm Strauss is part of the creative team at La Plume Press and Funkland World. For many years he worked as a full time concert artist and singer/songwriter and still occasionally performs concerts when he is not busy working for La Plume.

Stanley The Walrus sighting in Mexico.

That Walrus with hygiene problems is really getting around and he is one popular amigo! For part of the year ever year, my wife (Lee Strauss-Director of La Plume Press) and I live in a small town on the coast of Mexico. Occasionally I have the privilege of performing concerts for charity while we are there. Usually the audience is made up of mostly ‘snowbirds’ (folks who flee winter by going south for the season). At one of those concerts recently, Lee and I decided to see what would happen if we introduced Stanley to the audience.  After all, snowbirds are usually retired folk with lots of grey hair, free time, and most importantly; Grandchildren, thereby making the snowbird crowd a perfect demographic for a Walrus like Stanley and the rest of his Funkland World friends.

Our little experiment went very well! The legendary saga of our hygienically challenged Walrus was met with great enthusiasm.  One thing that I found amusing as I watched the audience respond to Stanley was the observation that whether you are 4 years old or 74 years old, you still giggle at the same things. For example, at one part of the story, we are admonished to practice good hygiene including taking a bath and, the giggliest line of all, ‘wear clean underwear’. If you want to make a crowd of 4 years olds giggle like crazy. Say that line. If you want to make gramma and grampa giggle. Use the same line. Works every time.

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