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For The Love of Reading by Sherri Funk

Sherri Funk is the author of Funkland World. She has been involved with music, lyrics, stories and performing for most of her life.

Three of the greatest gifts I ever received are my children. I got married much later than all my friends and most of them were done having children when I was just starting to have mine. I made up for lost time though, I had my third child just after my first child's 3rd birthday. I loved being a Mom and have such sweet memories of when they were all curious little babies, ready to laugh at any time.

Young mother reading to her child in bed

I have always loved books and reading, and I wanted to cultivate that in my children. I read to them as soon as they were born and all the way up to them being young teens. It was one of our favorite things to do. They had their favorite picture books they wanted read over and over and as they got older they had their favorite novels and series we would read together. They use their imaginations, experience all kinds of feelings and emotions, and learned so many new words. I believe it helped open up their curiosity and creativity.

I have always known the power of a book. I was read to by my mom and was a voracious reader from a very young age. It wasn’t until I became a mother and then a teacher that I fully understood the importance of taking time to read to children every day.

Just the quality time alone, snuggled up together, is wonderful, but the added treasure of a book makes the whole experience that much more meaningful.

I have had the great honor of reading to many children, of all ages, over the years and have loved every minute spent exploring books together.

The books that are the favorites tend to be the ones that make them laugh or rhymed or have great illustrations. If I find a book with all three, I have a winner, and many requests to have it read over and over again.

I’m a musician and love silly songs, so I tend to make up funny songs to go with the stories I read. This seems to always be the best part, it makes for great crowd participation.

It has been hard to find books that have all these things and deliver a good message. I started writing my own children's books out of a necessity to meet the criteria I felt was important. Intelligent, fun, clever, character building curriculum that would appeal to children, parents, and teachers.

Children are little sponges and I want to make sure that what they are absorbing is beneficial to them. Children are always ready to learn and if they're having fun and get to participate they're happy to learn new things. I don’t shy away from big words or advanced vocabulary, I allow for questions and let them explain what they think words mean. It’s a great teaching tool and so much fun.

I never knew that writing my own children's books and songs would be so much fun and so fulfilling. I am so thankful to be able to partner with Dave Watland and Norm and Lee Strauss in creating a place where these stories and songs can be made available to you. I want to encourage you to read to your children. Take the time and share some fun, adventure and laughs with them. It will improve their lives and yours. Happy reading.

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