Introducing Pam Watland - Funkland World

Introducing Pam Watland

Pam Watland is married to illustrator Dave Watland and is part of the creative inspiration behind Funkland World.

My husband leaned over to me and said "I think that song would make a great children's book." I didn't hesitate as I responded, “Yes, I think you are right!"

I have a special seat on the bus, I get to watch the magic happen as my husband, Dave, takes the rhythm and rhyme of Sherri's stories and brings them to visual life on the page. First, I witnessed the emergence of Stanley the Walrus and watched his transformation from smelly to suave, I delighted in the development of his relationship with Stella and the sparkle that they share. Now I am watching the unfolding of Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear, as she wrestles with her dream of twirling light as a feather on stage, with the world gasping at her grace.

There have been many touchpoints with children in my life. Homeschooling my own three, encouraging young families as a prenatal educator and now entering a season of grandparenting, each of these experiences has reinforced the preciousness of childhood and that overwhelming desire to make the time matter. There is a saying that “the days are long but the years are short." No truer is this than when raising children.

Image credit: Les K. from Texas

I am excited about the children who will read Funkland World’s books, sing the songs and dream about their own life adventures. As I read Stanley the Walrus to my own grandchildren, I see them learn from the story, absorbing the new vocabulary embedded in the clever lines. When we sing the song, Stanley the Walrus, I love to engage with them as they move their bodies to the music and giggle at the line "brush your tusks!" I mean really, how delightful is it to a parent or grandparent to have your kids run to grab their toothbrushes and start brushing their own teeth!

Books have always been an amazing way to explore ideas and inspire us in our own lives. As one who loves words and the power of communication, I see Funkland World as a destination for children of many ages to relax, enjoy and learn valuable life lessons. Each one of us has unique gifts and talents and our world is richer when everyone is welcome.

The fun has only just begun. There are more characters, songs, and books to come!

Funkland World... where everyone is possible!


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