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Funkland World Comes to Life!

Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear is COMING SOON! Pre-order your copy now.

Last week the Funkland World gang set up a display booth at the BC Christian Home Education Convention (CHEC) in Kelowna. Home school educators, parents and hundreds of children descended on Heritage Christian school for a weekend of teaching, encouragement and networking.

Not only did we have a snazzy display booth, the organizers of CHEC also invited us to do a concert and several workshops. Funkland World author Sherri Funk taught a workshop entitled ‘Storytelling: Why it’s important to read to your kids!’ She also taught a workshop for kids, entitled ‘Learning to play Funkland World songs on the Ukulele’. (Ps. you can listen to the Stanley the Walrus song here)

If you ever want an interesting way to spend an hour, picture yourself in front of 25-30 kids who all have out of tune ukuleles. It takes a special kind of courageous to do that kind of thing but Sherri is the gal for the job owing in part to her long experience as a music teacher.

Our amazing illustrator Dave Watland, taught a workshop on ‘How to draw Stanley’. If you have seen Stanley, you’ll know that it takes a special technique to capture the goofy smile and the floating eyeball that makes Stanley such a hit with kids and parents alike. We had several parents tell us the next day that their child spent that evening drawing Stanley with amazing results.

A big highlight was a concert that Sherri Funk and I did on Friday afternoon for about 200 enthusiastic kids. We introduced Stanley The Walrus, Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear, Frank the Conscientious Beaver, and Leroy the Banty Rooster. All 4 songs were huge hits! To hear 200 kids shouting ‘Brush your tusks’ is pretty satisfying.

It was the first live public appearance for Funkland World with many more to come. If you are interested in inviting us to your school for a concert or some workshops let us know. We’d love to introduce the world of Funkland to your neighbourhood and get kids excited about topics such as personal hygiene (Stanley), being yourself (Brenda), forest sustainability (Frank) and much, much more.

Funkland World…where everyone is possible!

Ps. CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer A. for winning the Fire 7 Kids Tablet + $100 🥳

Didn't win this time? Don't worry! Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear is releasing on May 14th and we've put together another fun giveaway to celebrate. 🍭

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