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Frank the Conscientious Beaver!

Dave Watland is FUNKLAND WORLD’s illustrator and the mastermind behind bringing Stanley and friends to life!

This past month I’ve been busy working on our 3rd book, Frank the Conscientious Beaver. Frank is a true Canadian icon and has a message for young kids everywhere. The message is forest sustainability: for every tree we cut down we should transplant a new one. He’s so Canadian he wears a red flannel shirt.

I’ve placed Frank in our beautiful Canadian Rockies with a number of iconic Canadian wildlife. Beavers are an integral part of maintaining a natural habitat for many species.

I'm hoping your children and grandchildren will enjoy reading about Frank as much as I have illustrating him.

Frank the Conscientious Beaver, available July 16th 2019!

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Ps. Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear, available May 14th! 

While all the other polar bears are skiing, playing hockey and lifting weights, Brenda is dancing, twirling and dreaming of becoming a ballerina. Doing what you love isn't always easy, but Brenda is not going to give up. Even though putting a tutu on a bear is quite extreme.

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