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The Art of Collaboration: by our illustrator Dave Watland

“If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together.” African Proverb 

There are several components to Funkland World — Sherri Funk writes and sings our stories, I bring these characters to life through my illustrations and graphic design. Loralee and Norm Strauss handle the publishing and marketing via La Plume Press. My wife Pam and Sherri’s husband Derek bring great moral support and encouragement. Through the collaborative efforts of our team we each allow one another to flourish in the area we are gifted in.

Illustrator Dave Watland

I  will confess that as an artist this collaboration did not come easy for me. There was a tension I struggled with from time to time, I needed to learn to lean in and let go. Each day for the past 10 years I would get up, have a coffee, go to my canvas and paint whatever inspired me. In the past I’ve had challenging experiences collaborating with others —  but when it does happen and the creativity unfolds and there is opportunity for great things to happen. When Sherri introduced Stanley the Walrus to me, it didn’t take long for Stanley to come to life. Her descriptive writing was a gift to me. 

Stay tuned to Funkland World as there are many more characters to be introduced and stories to be told. We are delighted with the positive response we have received so far to our early test run with Stanley the Walrus. Click here to some of the early reviews!

To my partners in this venture, it is truly a pleasure to collaborate with each of you and I am grateful to our Creator for this opportunity to create this unique place…

Funkland World ~ where everyone is possible!

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