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Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear

Dave Watland is FUNKLAND WORLD's illustrator and the mastermind behind bringing Stanley and friends to life!

As I write this, I sit in my favourite coffee spot drinking a Gibraltar with a shot of whip. My friends think I drink coffee all day, that is not entirely true, I’ve been working hard on our first book, Stanley the Walrus, these past few months, to be released April 9th. Pre-order your copy now!

Having said that, much of my illustrating happens with a hint of coffee on my lips. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on our second book, Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear.

I think you’re going to like Brenda, she has confidence in who she is, mixed with a bit of awkwardness and oddly enough, a whole lot of gracefulness. To be a polar bear and a ballerina, you have to be quite special and Brenda is just that. If you’ve enjoyed Stanley the Walrus, you're really going to fall in love with Brenda! 

Stay tuned...Brenda the Ballerina Polar Bear is coming May/June 2019. 

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