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A note from Norm Strauss

Norm Strauss is part of the creative team at La Plume Press. One of his jobs is to record and produce the songs that Sherri Funk writes for the series. 

After over 35 years of writing, performing and recording music I am now enjoying the challenge of doing something entirely new as a musician: children’s songs. I’m even learning to play the ukulele. It’s fun! What a surprise. Whimsy has entered stage right.

I have always been the songwriter that likes to dig deep ~ philosophical and even contemplative sometimes. In the studio is where I crafted my sounds of rumination and reflection, trying to reach into the depths of human emotion. Now, I am jamming the ukulele wondering what kind of bass line goes with a song about a stinky Walrus who falls in love. Should it have a swing feel or a waltz? And this is only the first of many songs. What about a Polar Bear who wants to be a ballerina and struggles to put on a tutu? In Funkland World everyone is possible.

I am enjoying the process, which is very simple; Sherri sings the song to me playing her ukulele and we discuss any lyric changes or arrangement possibilities. The recorded version kind of grows from there as we start to add other instruments and follow where it takes us. 

Every song is different and yet, every song is the same in one very noticeable way: kids are going to love it! And so are you as a parent, grandparent, or educator. Every song is fun and has a theme that is positive and inspiring. Stanley the Walrus, for example is going to have children racing to the bathroom to brush their teeth. I guarantee it.

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