A note from Lee Strauss - Funkland World

A note from Lee Strauss

Hello fellow Funklanders!

My name is Loralee Strauss, aka Lee Strauss, and I'm the director of La Plume Press and publishing partner of Funkland World.

I've been publishing my own work since 2011 and have learned a tremendous amount about the industry as I travelled along that bumpy road. So when Sherri Funk asked me if I could give her and Dave Watland a few publishing tips ( "Can we pick your brain?") I was happy to offer advice. 

Honestly, I expected to say soothing words when I heard the story and saw the illustrations, like "Ah, that's nice," and other platitudes not really thinking our meeting would result in much more than my completely overwhelming them with publishing dos and don'ts.

But as soon as I saw the first illustration I was immediately won over. My creative imagination went wild with the possibilities and knew I just had to be apart of Funkland World. Thankfully, Sherri and Dave agreed!

Follow us and stay tuned for what's new in Funkland World.

One of the things La Plume Press is responsible for is setting up the website, newsletter and all the social media links. 

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Thanks for coming along for the ride ~ Funkland World where everyone is possible!

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